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Tiramsu dessert recipe


2 packs of biscuits (ladyfinger ,digestive or sweet biscuits)

1 pack of cream

1 cup of condensed milk
1 big cup of whipping cream
4 tbs coffee
1/2 glass of little bit warm water
chocolate for  sprinkle
3 tbs of sugar


Add the condensed milk , sugar, 2 tbs of coffee, cream , whipping cream and mix them properly with whiskers until you get thick mixture, then add 2tbs of coffee with warm water on a plate and mix them , prepare the pan (deep one) you will use for serving and start putting biscuits in the warm coffee plate dip on both sides (quickly)  then put them in the pan to make biscuits layer add some of  the creamy mixture on them then make another layer of biscuits dipped in the coffee to make new biscuits layer and another mixture of the cream , you can make many layers depend on how wide your pan is , the last layer will be the cream  you can sprinkle chocolate and dry coffee on top, put to cool in the fridge.

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